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About Us

Welcome to Arrow Express Malaysia

Arrow Express (M) Sdn Bhd (AEM), a trucking service provider is incorporated in 6 January 1994, consisting of trucks ranging from 1 tonner to 20 tonners for both the open and box trailers. The presence of AEM is to provide malaysian importers and exporters an additional alternative to their daily delivery requirement.
In view of that, AEM operation set-up is to cater for the era of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Licence Manufacturer Warehouse (LMW) through out peninsular malaysia. We also forecasted an increasing in demand for box type container trailer for security aspect and to secure from bad weather during goods in transit.
In meeting our clients' high expectation on our performance in on time deliveries which is also our almost priority, we emphasise that maintenance of trucks and having reliable and experienced drivers are vital to our business. We also have a team of commited participating panel workshop operators in ensuring our trucks be attended soonest possible during breakdowns.

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A part from the above, we are in the process of introducing more advanced trucks with improve technology by equipping them with the latest trucking system for easy and actual location as well as update of informations.
Majority of our trucks with their custom-made trailers and attached containers are equipped with air suspension technology. It can absorb bumps and vibrations which can indirectly prevent damages to goods especially that are fragile such as electronic components and cosmetic products, etc.